6 Reasons I Should Have Been Born a Mermaid


Sebastian had it right. Life IS much better under the sea.wannabeamermaid

These are 6 facts of my life that make me wish I was just a Mermaid already.

6. Clothing optional? More like; clothing? Nope, don’t need it. How often I spend time, energy, money… woman hours, of acquiring attire? Well, I probably took off a good 20 years of my life already, wasting it away on the real struggle! On the other hand Mermaids probably live forever, their worries are equivalent to the slim-to-none amount of clothing needed. This of coarse, is some sexy shells or I could always go shell-less. Seems to be the trend around the reef these days. By the way, I do love seashells!  You should see some of my collections. Supporting fact #1.

5. Which brings me to my next point. Even though I do love laundry ( I know who actually likes that chore, call it OCD if you may) but how much time did I just save not folding, washing, drying, choosing outfits by now swimming in a body of water not wearing anything! (On a side note from that, I seriously have a girl friend who washes every 2 piece bathing suit separate to make sure no colors bleed onto each other or get tangled. She owns over 50 suits! Talk about a tough laundry day!)

Love this depiction!
Love this depiction!

If only I were a mermaid: “What color seashells should I wear tomorrow?
Probably go with the dark blue ones perhaps to match my hair.”

Example of laundry day: “Sorry,  Time to do my every 2 month barnacle shucking. I’ll get my scales shined with you next week though Tiger Lily!”

4. I need to hydrate myself; as I put in terms, like being a camel going on a long journey through the Sahara. If I lived in water. Problem solved. When I’m in water I feel rejuvenated!  My lips plump. My skin feels soft. I would be like the suave mermaid, in the lagoon, with my silky smooth softness, doing what mermaids do

3. Nothing makes me realize how much I love water then residing in the desert. Living in Arizona makes me feel like a fish out of water… I need ocean. Pacific coast, Atlantic waters. What ever it maybe. Just put me near it. Rather be born in it. If I had fins and could breath under water, then you best believe I would just travel around. Sea to shining sea, I’d be the Amelia Earhart of the open waters.

2. Every time I’m in water like a lake, ocean, river, or hell even a bath. I feel… Well simply put… Better! No tears, no pain, no sweat.  Just pure simple enlightenment. Tough to have worries when your floating weightless and free! Ya, another great thing there, weightlessness. I mean I don’t have to carry around my large coconuts anymore, they now just float around with me! Back pain gone. Totally worth what ever soul selling I have to do for this transformation.

1. I have been aquatic my whole life. I was raised around water. Don’t mean to brag, but I can swim! Forever. Or float. I would probably just float along the ocean floor. Stare up at the sea life. In my new “sky”. Reminds me of a dream I always have. Probably a premonition of my reincarnation of my mermaid self.Oceanfloor