The Best of Me

6 Reasons I Should Have Been Born a Mermaid

Johnny Depp: My Simple Secret Obsession

Quick Guide to Natural Energy, or Chi


Born in Southern California and now live in Portland, Oregon with my amazing dachshund Chaquita, and partner in crime Ryan Anderson, see his blog here. A massage therapist by day, just another blogger by night.  Fan of reading, especially self-help and fantasy, also arts of any kind. I dabble in some myself. Quirky, vibrant and all things GREEN! I blog to get out in the world my piece  of mind. Everything you read will be raw, organic and may need some editing here or there. I make no health claims of any sort, but talk from experience and do plenty of detailed research for all topics discussed. Follow me or leave messages and I will return the kudos. Willing to host and looking for sponsorship. Giving only good vibes!

Baby on board due April 2016! Stay tuned for a new mommy blog.

Mt. Tabor, Oregon Photo by: Cassie Foster. Me.
Photo by: Cassie Foster. Me.


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