The Best of Me

6 Reasons I Should Have Been Born a Mermaid

Johnny Depp: My Simple Secret Obsession

Quick Guide to Natural Energy, or Chi


Born in Southern California and now live in Portland, Oregon. A massage therapist by day, just another blogger by night.  Fan of reading, especially self-help and fantasy, also arts of any kind. I dabble in some myself. Quirky, vibrant and all things GREEN! I blog to get out in the world my piece of mind. Everything you read will be raw, organic and may need some editing here or there. I make no health claims of any sort, but talk from experience and do plenty of detailed research for all topics discussed. Follow me or leave messages and I will return the kudos. Willing to host and looking for sponsorship. Giving only good vibes!

Mt. Tabor, Oregon Photo by: Cassie Foster. Me.
Photo by: Cassie Foster. Me.

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