New Tradition: Spring Break Edition

Picture of Lake Havasu sunset at Body Beach

No matter what side of the tracks you are from, your friends are your go to pack for most everything, essentially for your party needs. Your friends and you have a connection and when you rally together it’s like hitting a winning game homerun on 4th of July at Yankee Stadium. Beers and cheers. The glowing ambiance of everyones delightfullness just barges your rainy cloud, work-mode, attitude. And since I’m going back home this weekend, I’m going to start by saying let’s make ourselves a family tradition!

This is the maybe fourth time I have visited Lake Havasu, since I moved to Phoenix, exactly around this time and date, spring break. It’s like a tradition to me now. The warm air, the glistening water. It calls to me. No matter who you want to hang with when you arrive, they all suggest the beach. It is different when you come from the place people like to visit for holidays. You get to see the side of the city tourist miss out on because they are so indulged in the fiesta delights.This time of year brings back so many memories and I just want to keep the ” good times rollin”. Even now that we are far from our party selves, there is still a celebratory reason for the season.

It’s the way everyone embraces the weather. It’s no wonder Arizona has more sunshine than grey. We pressure the sun to start blazing early on in February. Trying to get that bit of tan, to hide your winter pale skin, before the springtime attire has to be broken out of the closet. We lay out and worship it; with our smoky barbecued scent rising up, the laughter and merriment we have when gathered or our backpacking adventures to the lake. Because let’s be honest, the weather only lasts like this for a short three months as well. Then comes the inferno chamber, death crawl until the monsoon season ends summer’s hot grieving. I’ll last the summer season because I’m conditioned to, and hence the reason for my visit to the beckoning shores of Lake Havasu City.

This visit is special to me, in that my little niece is turning 1 years old. She, you could say, is the beginning of this break back home idea. It started with her baby shower last year and now this years well planned first birthday, when I realized I have made it out to Havasu every year since I have moved away. We have begun a custom of pool lounging and barbecuing great eats that will pave our childrens future with lightheartedness and rejoicing. It was not to long ago, I would put down work and grab a cold one with the brilliant mother of the beautiful angel I call my niece, my best friend, Cheryl. Also, along with many other confidants, too many to name, who I also love wholeheartedly. We had the time of our lives in the midst of the spring break hullabaloo. Many tales we will forever hold in silence, because what happens in Havasu stays in Havasu. So, as we get older, I propose we keep these memories fresh and alive. Only now, we can grow our family with adding precious little ones and their sensational P.I.C (partner in crime). It’s getting to be one big happy family!

As my talented, full blooded Italian, stunningly beautiful true friend Witney said, “I wouldn’t mind a crowded house, it makes me happy!”. We like to congregate in the masses and even for the some of us that have moved from our original stomping grounds, we like to keep our close friends closer. When I crowd my heart with people like her, I can’t help but want to surround myself with their sweet embrace. It’s people like my friends that give a girl her strength. Being in their presence gives me an everlasting high. When I come back to the bustling city, I hold my head up higher because I remember who I am. Who I am, because of them and their tremendous support and everlasting love. Going back only a few times a year isn’t enough, but time stands still when I’m there. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to go home and think, “well, nothing has changed.”, it’s a good feeling to know the knowing. And it has changed, everyone gets older and wiser, they just still know how to have a good time just like yourself! We just change it up by reaching for the dice instead of drinking games, or take out the boats instead of being stranded hald-naked, on the beach hoping a hottie in an open bow pulls up asking if you want to take a ride. We have matured and so has our celebrating!

Picture taken from Copper Canyon
Picture taken from Copper Canyon

Don’t be afraid to make new traditions. It’s a holiday if you say it is. That’s probably why the British use the word holiday in place of vacation. It’s our right to enjoy ourselves. Live a little, let the hair down and roll around in the sand like we are young again. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or budget is a little tight. When you go return for a holiday, your friends have your back, at least my bitchin ones do! Go recharge your batteries and soak in some springtime cheerfulness!