Humour Me: Comedy Styles 2015-03-19 18-12-53

I would say I have a pretty good sense of humor. All though, being funny and finding others funny are very different things. This blog is the result of a thought, about just that. Types of comedy. At times, I avoid some kinds of people’s funny because I don’t understand it. But just because you don’t understand their jokes, does not mean you need to knock it. Try it first, then use your funny bone to throw one at them.

Sarcasm is not my second language. Mostly because I am naive and gullible, but living in the city has taught me one thing. 2015-03-19 17-50-58Roll with the punches and you might even get to roll with the laughs. What honestly gets me about people who use sarcasm, is that they tend to go too far with it. Whether you’re the young pubescent trying to stereotype yourself into cool, or you’re the over zealous vaunter trying to schmooze yourself a date. It always comes off as being kinda rude… Don’t ya think? It is just not my cup of tea. But someone somewhere will love you for it, so keep trying.

demetrimartinDry humor is more my kind of funny. Someone who won’t laugh at their own jokes or tells blan stories that still hook you because of delivery. Examples like Demetri Martin or Jillian Bell from workaholics; their character roles and stand up can give you such a pleasing source for entertainment and laughter. It’s how some great comedians have got where they are today.

Crude-ness is the new black. I think I might make a shirt that says that. Then sell it at every Dane Cook or Daniel Tosh comedy show. Or better yet a Lewis Black show! These guys nail it. I mean if you can get away with being a dick and saying what you want then more power to you… Just hope the money and fame last while the humor still sits right with the people. Soon they will catch on though… Come to the dark side we have chocolate covered bananas.

Then there is absurd randomness and asinine foolery that can make just about anything funny. Honestly, it could be the hasheesh speaking or the dumbing and numbing of our poor society, but who doesn’t enjoy a little mindless entertainment. It can go back to The Three Stooges, or be as cultured as South Park. Stupid is funny. When I get stupid with my boyfriend, that is some of the best times we have together. Where we can be completely unguarded and truly hilarious we get to connect on a whole different level. Try it sometime. Just let go any stupid quip that comes to your head and see who will play along.

There seems to be an awful lot of puns going around today and I sometimes feel like I don’t catch it. Like that hand gesture, where your hand flies over your head like an airplane going right over and you missed it. That’s me. So I kindly laugh and accept I can’t get punchlines all the time.  I just read a tumblr puns article, and I got about 10 out of the 15. Maybe it’s because you have to know the reference to get it, but it just feels like a third wheel situation. So smile and wave boys, smile and wave.smileandwave

Association’s and metaphors: this is my most played card but probably my weakest hand. All my friends tell me my metaphors are down right awful right next to the invention of the egg minder wink app; just read some of the comments on this gadget you will thank me for this! This comical aspect gives me the sense I’m still doing good and being funny while doing it. Not only that, but I also am receptive to it more because it pertains to me. That’s how you get people to like you, correlate with your audience. As for metaphors, maybe you should ask a professional because as I learned from my dad this past holiday, we can’t tell a metaphorical joke to save our hide. Got that from him too and my sick sense of humor.