Friends are the Family You Can Choose


As the saying goes “You can’t choose your family.” Thankfully, you can however choose your friends. With that instance comes some of the worst and best decisions you have made and will make. As we grow older we realize that it is better to have fewer friends that are near and dear, then having a ton of acquaintances you could quickly forget. I have moved so much in my life that it has been nearly impossible to keep life long friends. With technology and social media though, I will say that I have now been reconnected with friends I grew up with. But even then, they are not the type of friendships I am talking about.

The kind of friendships you will hold on to and cherish forever are the ones that come with honesty and integrity. The people you will keep around are those that have values that hold up to your own. They will respect you and the choices you make, but will also let you know when you could be headed down a dark path. Only will a true friend stand up and speak out in those tough times where you hit a fork in the road and do not see a near bright future. They can help you battle your demons. They are willing to sacrifice some of their own time and even funds to help get you out of even your stickiest situations.

It doesn’t matter the time or space between you, when you come together it is like nothing has changed. All you have is a bunch of talking and catching up to do. Even when you bring additions to the family, by getting in a serious relationship or bringing a new baby to the world, they are instant family as well. You get called Auntie or Uncle just for being an important person in their kids’ lives. The value of the relationship just grows over time.

They will encourage you more than your own family will. It is in their interest to keep you happy and living well because that directly affects them and their life as well. They realize this and make it a life together worth building. Just like a partner, you’re in a relationship with your best friends. Meaning you will have some hard times to go through together but on the other side your bond will only get stronger with each turning tide.

One of the hardest part of having friends is knowing when you need to let go. Not every person you form a bond with will stay glued to your hip like once was. There are people who you will grow apart from. Their values will differentiate from yours and you will no longer see the benefit of keeping them around. At times the friendship leaves you feeling hurt and mistreated, or like you don’t belong together. This could be the start to a failing friendship. Recognize when a friendship is hurting your own life and try to express these feelings before it becomes damaging. Take caution when choosing your forevers.

There are about a thousand different ways to say what a true friend is.  All I can say for sure is, friendship is something you feel with your heart and believe in wholeheartedly. Together till the end and forever in my thoughts will all the precious souls, who made an impact in my life, stay. I dedicate this post to all the BFFs who make the world a more friendlier place.

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll
Peace, Love and Rock & Roll